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creation and monitoring of free networks of telecommunication and IoT (Internet of Things)

Tolosaldea is developing, together with Bidasoa and Plaiaundi, a project to get to know and put into practice the concept of the Internet of Things. In this project Izarkom Kooperatiba Elkartea, Gislan S.A, Airean S.L. and Talaios Kooperatiba Elkartea are taking part as adviser.

One of the member of this project is a member of Tolosaldea, who works in the design and publication of the data. The main objectives of the project are:

• Development of free networks and preparation and start-up of the necessary infrastructures for it.

• Develop a physical and logical infrastructure that offers connectivity and analysis of the environment. Connecting sensors and mobile devices for studying the environment.

• Analysis and utility of LoRa technology.

All the content, knowledge and technology obtained in this project will be made available to students.

Big Data in Vocational Education

Tolosaldea takes part in this initiative, directed by Samuel Triguero.

There are two main goals in this initiative:

  • On the one hand, detecting the information generated by the system and trying to optimize it, in order to make better decissions in the future.
  • On the other, improving the “Data Culture” in Vocational Training by different activities: learning communities, project communities, specific formation... in order to improve the data management in different sections of the vocational training system.

Industry 4.0 in welding

This year in the department of Welding and Boiler is still working on the project started last year “Industry 4.0 in welding”. The objective of the project is to investigate and get the knowledge about the application in welding of the concept “Industry 4.0.” To do this, we are working in collaboration with the company “Ubare S.L. Soldering”.

To develop the project we are using resources from the Finnish brand “KEMPPI”, brand distributed by “Ubare S.L. Soldering”: The welding machine MIG-MAG X8 and the data collection and processing software “WELDEYE”. Throughout the project, the full potential of both the machine and the software will be deepened. For this purpose they will be used in various construction projects. 

At the end of the course different events will be organized to show the results of the project, both to the companies and to the teachers of the center.

Workshop 4.0

One of the lines of work of Tolosaldea Lanbide Heziketa and Tknika, - Innovation Center for Vocational Training -, is the so named Industry 4.0. This is where the project “Workshop 4.0” is located which we are carrying out in the Mechanics department of Tolosaldea LHII.

The project aims to integrate technologies that make up industry 4.0 in advanced mechanical manufacturing workshops in the Vocational Training centers, in which both students and teachers are users of them.

To achieve this goal, on the one hand, we are working on the implementation of a free software ERP and, on the other, on the connectivity of resources and areas that make up mechanical manufacturing with ERP. This interconnection of the different technologies taking as axis the ERP will allow to work with greater efficiency, centralizing the data for control and planning.

In the project, and under the coordination of the area of Technological Innovation and Smart Systems of Tknika, we participated Miguel Altuna Institutua (Bergara), IMH (Elgoibar), Bidasoa (Irun), Usurbilgo laneskola (Zubieta) and us, Tolosaldea LHII.

Construction of structures by polymers and composites

This year, the welding and boiler department is developing the project "Construction of structures by polymers and composites" together with the MEKA Institute of Elgoibar.

This type of construction replaces metal structures in some cases and is quite common in countries such as France and Germany. There are companies in the Basque Country that manufacture this type of constructions, some of which have translated their concern for the lack of qualified personnel in this field.

The aim of the project is to integrate the processes required for the construction of structures using different polymers and composites, and to integrate these processes into the different training cycles (“welding and boilers” and “metallic constructions”) through different challenges.

At the end of the course, the documentation and skills generated will be shared with the schools that offer these cycles.

Experience of sustainable urban mobility

It is a question that we, like Tolosaldea Lanbide Heziketa, loan a series of Personal Mobility Vehicles (5 skates + 10 electric bicycles) to the workers of the center, with the commitment to use them in the daily trips in order to contribute to the decarbonization of our environment. In addition, the commitment includes the recharge of the vehicle in a photovoltaic solar canopy that we will have for this purpose. This marquee is designed and installed by us in collaboration with Usurbilgo Lanbide Eskola and will also have charging points for electric car.

Within the project is being developed in collaboration with the company Etnnic and the center of Aretxabaleta Lanbide Eskola a prototype of electric tricycle with photovoltaic solar panels, as vehicle destined to the transport of light goods within what has been called solutions of last mile.

In turn we have enabled a repair and maintenance service for vehicles assisted by teachers and students of our school. We have also achieved a training for teachers in the aforementioned technologies.

Finally, a student of last year of Electronic Engineering of the UPV is performing as End of Degree Work a system for the geolocation and monitoring of various parameters of the Personal Mobility Vehicles.

It is a pilot experience that depending on the results can be replicated in other centers of our environment and in which the city of Tolosa is especially interested.

In turn we have enabled a repair and maintenance service for vehicles assisted by teachers and students of our school. We have also achieved a training for teachers in the aforementioned technologies.

As you see, we are making a serious commitment to electromobility and in general to all those technologies that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Additive manufacturing and reverse engineering (3D-ikaslab)

The 3D-ikaslab project is located within the areas of specialization of Tknika. Tknika is a centre promoted by the Basque Government's vice-ministry of education and whose main purposes are innovation and applied research. Several professors of Tolosaldea LHI are participants and promoters of different projects.

The 3D-ikaslab project focuses on 3D printing and reverse engineering but for industrial purposes and equipment. As a starting point it has required the acquisition of a solid base of training; in the world of scanners, in the treatment of the files obtained from scans, as well as specialized training in industrial 3D printing.

With the project development, the following objectives are intended to be met:

• To make known the technologies of addition and the opportunities of the engineering inverse to small/medium enterprises and if possible to provide accessible solutions.

• Organize transfer activities for the Basque professional training faculty to transmit the knowledge and skills acquired during the duration of the project.

• Technological surveillance in this industrial area in continuous development, to be prepared for the new challenges.

In this project and always in the area of specialization of Tknika, we take part the Miguel Altuna Institute of Bergara and us, Tolosaldea LHI.


The coordination project Elkarnet is born to offer a service to the centers of Professional Training. In particular, the service aimed at administrators of the computer network of the centers. This community formed by network administrators is called Elkarnet. With the aim of supporting the challenges of the community in common, an Elkarnet coordination group was established in which the FP Tolosaldea Network Administration participates.

As a world in which new challenges constantly arise, it makes sense to maintain and reinforce such a service if you want to ensure the security of information in the centers. General description The coordination group Elkarnet is trying to create an adequate infrastructure for problems, new opportunities, changes, etc. that shares the community. Aspects such as relations with the Department of Education, training sessions for network administrators and sharing/organization of information are discussed.

Some of the objectives that are pursued are:

- Intermediation in matters arriving from the Department of Education

- identification of topics of interest and organization of training sessions

- identify information, objectives, threats, etc. more relevant than we share

- develop structures and tools for sharing information 

The project has a full course duration and is renewed annually. In addition to the FP Tolosaldea, this project involves network administrations of the following centers: Tknika Research Centre, IMH (Elgoibar), Iurreta Institute (Iurreta) and Instituto Tartanga (Erandio)

IKT aRitua (ethazi)

The work of the IKT aRituak, must be understood within the learning and high performance area of Tknika. In the vocational training centres of Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa we collaborate in the strengthening and improvement of the ethazi learning model, promoting the work of digital skills.

Collaborating, with the rest of the ethazi aRituak of the aforementioned area of Tknika. To do this, we promote the network of ICT pedagogues (which currently make up 35 centers) through collaboration, sharing good practices, freely sharing knowledge and creating spaces for formation and stable relationships. The objectives pursued by the development of the project are as follows:

• Improving the training of students, in terms of digital skills, using the network of ICT educators for this purpose.

• Accompany the students working the digital skills, to improve their overall learning.

• Strengthen the steps in challenges of Ethazi model through digital competencies. To do this, designing and driving digital activities.

• Organization and delivery of training to future ICT educators.

• To publicize in the vocational training centres of Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa the development of digital skills for the improvements of the learning process (through participation in EPA courses (advanced training ethazi) and the provision of courses to learning coordinators, among others.

In this project and always framed in the area of learning and high performance of Tknika, we participated Tartanga, Cebanc, Nicolás Larburu and us, Tolosaldea.

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