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Integrated education

We want to adapt our preparation services to current situation: for that, we are going to analyze the offer, continue with teachers' training, try to attract more women to industrial cycles, promote coexistence and multilingualism without ever forgetting our Basque character. We want to be a High Performance center, so we intend to adapt all our cycles to this philosophy: we are updating abilities within cycle's maps, basing the assessment on the abilities and adapting the various areas of the center . All this without forgetting what has so far been our distinguishing feature, the Customer Quality Service.

Applied Innovation

We want to be a reference in innovation, by creating new projects in the center, applying these projects in enterprises, and learning to be more innovative and more competitive at the same time.

Active entrepreneurship

One of our main objectives is to remain a center of entrepreneurial culture. We would like to entrench this character in students, by means of organizing activities to strengthen the entrepreneurial desire. We will also boost promoters and the creation of new companies.


We want to help the internationalization of our fellow companies, emphasizing the importance of vocational training, as well as developing projects with schools and foreign institutions and promoting mobility experiences.

A change in management

Looking ahead, we give the necessary steps, we defend participatory management of the center so as to be an Integrated Center. To do this, we base on the triangle of research, innovation and training to know about our knowledge, adapting our current deposits and especially making necessary transfers, outside the center, but also in the center. Apart from that, we intend to be part of the network of specialized vocational training centers and institutions within our context.



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