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The goal is to develop applied innovation projects with companies to respond to the requirement to bring the teaching staff up to date in terms of science and technology, promoting innovation both in small and medium-sized companies and in vocational training centres.

For this, in addition to the knowledge and experience of our teaching staff, we make the facilities and equipment of the vocational training centers available to companies.

Within this environment, the following projects have been developed.

Technical advice and support for the implementation of an ERP in the digitisation of the company.

The objective of this project is for the company to make the leap from its traditional way of working to digital, our centre must help it in this process of digitisation of documentation and subsequently create the organisation process of this ERP.

To do this, we had to start with the digitisation of their documentation from the beginning, and then design and build an information architecture, in order to subsequently organise a proper connection with the ERP.

Finally, the entire process has been implemented and put into operation in the company.

SAFEM- OKOBIO: Design of a new machining strategy to be implemented in the company

This company, in certain parts to be produced, because of the material and geometry used, has difficulty in machining the parts, both in process and in measure. For this reason, he has been assisted by a teacher from our school, working with his staff to achieve the goals.

3D scanner in methodology of measuring and designing parts

A company has seen the need to incorporate in its daily work the use of 3D scanner in the process of measuring and designing parts to meet customer requirements and adapt to the new regulations.

For this purpose, they have been given assistance and advice throughout the whole process, in addition to measuring some first parts. Finally, after learning this new technology, the company has decided to buy the 3D scanner.

Custom-made and designed 3D printed polymer parts

A company makes metal parts. The purpose of this project is to test and assamble as prototype the different parts that have been custom-made and designed at our school after being made and post-processed in 3D polymer. In the future, if it succeeds, the company is considering the possibility of making more.

Sensorized braking system for paper cutting machine

It is a company that throughout its history has reached a significant market share, both nationally and internationally, based on its demonstrated ability to offer quality and service. All of this has allowed the company to have a customer base, including highly prestigious paper companies whose demands, regarding quality and service, are of great consideration.

This company offers a wide range of possibilities for cutting and handling paper. The format is adjusted to the printer, considering its process as an intermediate step between the reel of paper and the large printers: publishers, paper distributors, duplicating machine, and even domestic consumers.

In order to continue improving the service offered to the client, it is necessary to act on one of its machines in order to have a total control over the speed of the shafts which support the reels in the cutting machine so that quality problems do not occur in production. That is why TOLOSALDEA LHII has been asked to carry out this project with the aim of being able to develop and validate a solution, by which the shaft speed and paper tension can be automatically controlled.

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