In compliance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the centre should systematically incorporate sustainability criteria and measures to reduce and control resource consumption into school life. In this sense, the center must implement its own commitment to sustainability, regarding its curriculum project. It is therefore necessary to incorporate its sustainability objectives and activities into educational organisational documents.

2. Commitment to sustainability

2.1. Purchasing management

The center is committed to making the purchase procedure of materials used in the educational process as sustainable as possible. Priority will be given to seasonal food produced in the area for after-school activities.

2.2. Mobility

The centre is committed to promote sustainable transport considering that transport is the main responsible for CO2 emissions in Tolosa, analyzing the possibilities offered by technology and intervening in the areas of its competence.

2.3. Waste and resource management

We express our commitment to keep the elements in their life cycle as long as possible before they become waste, studying and applying possible reuse or adaptation. At the end of the cycle, the resulting element will be a classified waste and will be allocated the necessary space for its proper management. Management will be carried out in accordance with established rules.

2.4. Participation

All members of the centre will be actively involved in environmental activities using a rotation system.

2.5 Curriculum

Every year, in each cycle, a sustainability challenge will be carried out, using the analytical and participatory methodology Ethazi.

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