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Tolosaldea offers a wide variety of vocational courses to help students be competitive for jobs upon graduation and/or ensure they are prepared to continue their studies at university. The Institute also collaborates with companies to offer continuing education courses for employees.

Middle Level Degree Programmes

A Mid-Level Degree is for participants who want the proper training to quickly enter the job market. If a student decides s/he whould like to continue their studies and enter the High Level Degree program they must take an exam which is offered at Tolosaldea.

A Mid-Level degree is usually completed in two years and includes a practical training component where students have an internship at a business. Many students fulfil this at a nearby company while others travel abroad with the Leonardo program for a period of three months.

Middle grade vocational training cycles (D model):

  • Electrical and automatic installation
  • Machining
  • Welding and boiler making
  • Microcomputer systems and networks
  • Commercial activities
  • Guide in the natural environment and free time

High Level Degree


High Level Degree VET Programmes offer the students the possiblity to have a comfortable and fast access to the Labour Market as a High Tecnician in the field they studied at the College and also give the chance to go to study to the University. They don´t need to take any special exam to go straight to University.

Students normally complete the degree in two years. The education is largely hands-on and includes many workshops as well as a requirement that the student work at a company as an intern in their field for three months. This can be completed at a nearby business or abroad under the auspices of the Erasmus program. The latter option is normally chosen by about 10&percent; of students.

The usual destinations of our students are: Austria, UK, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Finland...............

Advanced grade vocational training cycles (D model):

  • Industrial automation and robotics (Automatic Control Systems)
  • Production programming in mechanical manufacturing
  • Maintenance of heating and fluid
  • Metal construction
  • Management and finance
  • Administration of computer network systems
  • Physical conditioning
  • Industrial mechatronics

Tolosaldea offers courses year round to the unemployed as well as to employees who want/need further training. Courses are also available to the general public in order to facilitate the government’s goal of facilitating lifelong learning.

Occasionally, nearby companies ask the institute to develop courses specifically for their employees. Likewise, the government sometimes requests that Tolosaldea offer courses targeted at different groups—women, young people, the elderly, etc.

The courses vary from year to year taking into account the needs of students and the community..

Tolosaldea also specializes in helping students who already have significant work experience earn a degree. First, the student’s skills and knowledge are evaluated and then a unique program is designed for them, one which includes necessary coursework only in those specific areas which require increased competency.

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