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Internationalisation Projects: Getting adapted to hard times

The situation has been particularly difficult over the last year due to Covid-19 crisis. In March 2020, every kind of mobility abroad was suspended as the Corona-virus-lockdown-measure. The situation continues still the same. Nevertheless, thanks to Digitalization, there are some projects which we have been able to carry out all through this school year (2020-2021). One of them is the one which our students in Mechanics are developing in cooperation with the students in Lycée MONGE-Chambéry (France). Our students mechanized some wedges. After analysing the properties of the material characteristics of the pieces, Chambéry students are going to improve the mechanical properties of those pieces (hardness, resistance, etc.) by means of Thermic Treatment. Once they complete this procedure, they will return the wedges to TolosaldeaLH. Once the wedges are grinded, they will be ready for use in a mechanic workshop. All through the process, communication and contact among the students has been constant. They expose and explain each other the work developed and carried out.

We also have other ongoing projects:

  • -Opportunity for conversation practices in speaking (English) with stu-dents in a training school in Italy.
  • -“In as in Inclusion” project (Erasmus+KA2). The main goal is to spread good quality of practices in order to promote inclusion at schools. Schools of 6 countries are taking part in this project.

In addition, other projects are likely to get started, so that cooperation with other educational centres and European Institutions continue.

master class about the contribution of companies to society

Ibon Antero Intxausti, coordinator of the social transformation actions of the Mondragon Corporation, gave a talk at the school to FP Euskadi students.

The world is in a process of transformation and the role of companies in society will be crucial in the 21st century.

For a company, the important thing is "why" it does what it does, because that answer is the basis of its values. That is the permanent question that each company should ask itself: What does society need and what is my contribution to those needs?


Press conference on the bizilabe project

Elhuyar works and promotes the STEAM culture among the youngest through the Bizilabe project. This project is aimed at young people who are between 10 and 19 years old and who carry out projects and experiments on their own, receiving help if necessary.

Tolosaldea Garatzen is the one who is promoting the STEAM culture in the region, having as headquarters the “gazteleku” of Villabona and the vocational school of Tolosaldea.

Elhuyar has been with the Bizilabe project for many years, but this is the first time it has created an alliance with a Vocational Training centre.

At the press conference, in addition to presenting the Bizilabe project, the results of the diagnosis made regarding the STEAM culture (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) in young people of Tolosaldea were presented.

We have successfully celebrated the solidarity week

As every year, in this course as well, on January 27, we have attended the appointment with the associations of blood donors. This year, in addition to the blood donors of Gipuzkoa, we have contacted two other entities: The Citizen Reception Network and the Food Bank of Gipuzkoa.

During the whole week, food and material, which are necessary for the Citizen Reception Network, have been collected: clothes, footwear, blankets and sleeping bags, backpacks, scarves, hats and gloves.

On Wednesday, January 27, the association of blood donors of Gipuzkoa came to school and they were very well received, as there were many donors, and a third of them were new donors.

Thanks to all those who have made the initiative possible and to all the students and workers for the solidarity they have shown.

Open day

Ate irekiak antolatu ditugu, bai online bai presentzialak aukeran martxoak 2, 3 eta 4rako, hitzordua hartzea derrigorrezkoa da. Mesedez, ordua errespetatzea garrantzitsua da, ikastetxeko sarrera-irteeren kontrola egin behar dugulako.

Eman izena hemen.

Ziklo bakoitzaren eguna eta ordutegia:


- Instalazio Elektriko eta Automatikoak - Martxoak 2 16:30

- Mekanizazioa - Martxoak 2 17:30

- Soldadura eta Galdaragintza - Martxoak 2 18:30

- Merkataritza Jarduerak - Martxoak 3 16:30

- Mikroinformatika-Sistemak eta Sareak - Martxoak 3 17:30

- Natura inguruneko lanetako eta aisialdiko gidaria ONLINE BAKARRIK - Martxoak 3 18:30


- Metal-Eraikuntzak - Martxoak 2 16:30

- Automatizazioa eta Robotika Industriala - Martxoak 2 17:30

- Fabrikazio Mekanikoko Produkzioaren Programazioa - Martxoak 2 18:30

- Administrazioa eta Finantzak - Martxoak 3 16:30

- Instalazio Termiko eta Fluidodunen Mantenimendua - Martxoak 3 17:30

- Sare-Informatika Sistemen Administrazioa - Martxoak 3 18:30

- Mekatronika industriala - Martxoak 4 16:30

- Egokitzapen fisikoa - ONLINE BAKARRIK - Martxoak 4 17:30





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