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Elkarnet project

Elkarnet Koordinazio Proiektua (Elkarnet Coordination Project) was created with the purpose of offering a useful service for Vocation and Training Schools, which is to say: it was created as a means of service for Computing Administration at school. This Administrative Network Service (or “Community”) is called ELKARNET.

The name of this service and community, (which is composed by our Administration Department in Network) is Elkarnet. Tolosaldea LH Administrative Network is part of it.

We are living this “never-ending” era of New-To-Come-Challenges. Thus, it makes sense to maintain and reinforce a service of this kind, as the main goal is to guarantee security in Data-Sharing (at school.)

Elkarnet is making its best to create and develop a suitable infrastructure to face opportunities, changes and challenges (which it shares). Different issues are treated, such as relations with the Department of Education of the Basque Government, training sessions for our Administration Network (Data Sharing and Management), etc.


- To act as mediators in order to deal with issues incoming from the Department of Education.

- To organise and create training sessions of interest.

- To identify important information, objectives and challenges (threats)

- To create tools and framework for proper Data Sharing.

Elkarnet is an ongoing project during the whole school year and it will be updated every single course. Administrative Network from different Schools (apart from Tolosaldea LH) are taking part in this: Tknika Ikerketa Zentroa, IMH (Elgoibar) and Iurreta Institutua (Iurreta). Besides, due to the pandemic, ICT Experts are taking part to reinforce activities of the Working Groups.

Euskadi VET Big Data

The Tolosaldea centre continues to participate in this project powered by the Deputy Minister of Education.

During this school year actions will be carried out so as to pursuit the goal that team Big Data Fp Euskadi has:

• On the one hand, we want the information generated by the system to be detected and give it a more effective treatment in order to make better decisions in the future.

• On the other hand, we want the “data culture” to be improved and encouraged within the Vocational Training through different actions: project communities, learning communities, training and so on.

This year simplicity and effectiveness are sought when using data, being one of the most important points to work on.

Last year a pilot project was carried out which has resulted in a Learning Community that will be launched this year, referred to as Centre Analytics. In it, the centres that participate will be able to share experiences and improve in everything related to treatment, management and data analysis of their system.

Application of a digital maintenance plan 4.0 integrated in a general ERP

At this time, in order for this company to be competitive in its sector, it must carry out a restructuring of the way it works, and take steps on the subject of industry 4.0.

The objective is to organise an ERP for the company, in which different processes of the same are integrated, including the maintenance of the factory´s machines, with its respective preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance.

The main objectives would be the following:

1. To prepare a specific maintenance plan of the machines, based on digital instructions.

2. Digitalization of plans and production of documentation.

3. Fusion of the previous steps.

4. Integration of the foregoing in an ERP.

For the company, it is unfeasible to do all of this at the same time, since the day to day consumes all the necessary resources, and hence the bet to carry out all the work with the collaboration of Tolosaldea LHII.

Mechanical additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is one of the fields that is expected to grow and to have further development as one of the key processes of Advanced Manufacturing. The additive manufacturing, often associated to the term 3- Printing, is a group of technologies with great innovative potential that is transforming the way of conceiving, designing and manufacturing products.

This year again, the boilermaking area of the school Tolosaldea LHII will participate in the project “metal manufacturing by addition” promoted by TKnika. Within the project, we will participate in the area of Plasma technology, belonging to the WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing).

The wisdom and skills acquired last year, thanks to the work carried out with a robotic plasma, will be applied this year in the handling of the machine created by the Basque company ADDILAN. The main objective is to manufacture pieces with different geometries and materials on the new machine. Besides, close contact is maintained with the technicians of the company so as to be able to incorporate improvements in the future models.

Strategic analysis with 3D printing techniques to obtain castings

This company has a network of spare parts suppliers that serves the needs that come from its customers. Currently with regard to the deadlines and the costs that they handle in some of these spare parts, this company has decided to look for possible manufacturing or supply alternatives. Besides, the company is immersed in the development of digital solutions as the 3D printing of parts for trams, with the aim of guaranteeing better customer service.

That is why it has been decided to develop an alternative to the casting models, originally made of wood, using additive manufacturing.

The general objectives set would be the following:

1. To design a model adapted to additive manufacturing for a part with relevant dimensions of approximately 1 metre.

2. To execute manufacture using additive manufacturing, by making a plastic model, and by constructing a form directly made from the grain.

3. To build the last pieces using these alternative models and techniques.

4. To validate the developed solution with the corresponding departments and those of the clients.

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