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to provide training in Basque adapted to the needs of this changing society, using effective methodologies and collaborating with companies and institutions.


with the students as the main customer, we want to offer a training based on values, and to be a reference centre which faces the challenges that lie ahead. To achieve this, we want to give our employees different opportunities to develop their personal and professional lives. We want to promote relationships with companies so as to enrich our training offer, innovation projects, internationalization and so on and so forth.


1. Parity: equal opportunities and conditions for everybody, breaking stereotypes.

2. People: respect people taking into account diversity.

3. Commitment: responsibility, involvement and respect of the individual for their work, for their centre and for society. This increases the feeling of belonging.

4. Sustainability: taking care of the environment in our daily life.

5. Basque language (Euskara): that our daily work is in Basque.

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