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Students carry out internships abroad with the Erasmus+ program

Unfortunately, this year's situation has skyrocketed in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. However, the three students of the centre have managed to develop their practices in foreign countries and now return to Euskal Herria. Unfortunately, there have been many students who have suspended the internships or decided to return earlier.

Ander and Beñat have worked for three practical months in a company that has carried out air conditioning installations in the Polish city of Wroclaw, putting into practice the contents learned in the centre. Hodei, for its part, puts into practice his studies on computer networks in a company in Prague.

Ate irekiak

Ate ireki presentzialak antolatu ditugu ekainak 3 eta 4rako, hitzordua hartzea derrigorrezkoa da. Mesedez, ordua errespetatzea garrantzitsua da, ikastetxeko sarrera-irteeren kontrola egin behar dugulako.

Eman izena hemen (ikastetxera bisita egiteko ezinbestekoa da izena ematea)

Ziklo bakoitzaren eguna eta ordutegia:

Ekainak 3 Junio

17:00etan, Automatizazioa eta Robotika Industriala/Automatización y Robótica Industrial(Goi maila/Grado superior)

17:30etan, Instalazio Elektriko eta Automatikoak/Instalaciones Eléctricas y Automáticas(Erdi maila/Grado medio)

18:00etan, Fabrikazio Mekanikoko Produkzioaren Programazioa/Programación de la Producción en Fabricación Mecánica(Goi maila/Grado superior)

18:30etan, Mekanizazioa /Mecanizado (Erdi maila/Grado medio)

Ekainak 4 Junio

17:00etan, Sare-Informatika Sistemen Administrazioa/ Administración de sistemas informáticos en red (Goi maila / Grado superior)

17:30etan, Mikroinformatika-Sistemak eta Sareak/Sistemas Microinformáticos y Redes(Erdi maila/Grado medio)

18:00etan, Soldadura eta Galdaragintza/Soldadura y Calderería (Erdi maila/Grado medio)

18:30etan, Metal-Eraikuntzak/Construcciones Metálicas (Goi maila/Grado superior)

19:00etan, Instalazio Termiko eta Fluidodunen Mantenimendua/Mantenimiento de Instalaciones Térmicas y de Fluidos(Goi maila/Grado superior)

We follow On Line


Due to the Coronavirus situation , we had to temporarily suspend the classrooms, so all the students and teachers of the center have worked intensely with different digital platforms (zimbra, nextcloud, moodle …). Above all, the use of moodle has been fundamental to follow the online classes, since in one day there were 352 connected users, if we look closely at the statistical data, the digital platform achieved an increase of 96.6%. Even if it is in teleworking, we continue in the usual schedule and eager to attend all your questions! More information by calling 943.65.11.47 or by writing

Preparing visors for health personnel with 3D printers


To deal with the Coronavirus and in collaboration with Tknika, visors are being made for health personnel using the center's 3D printers. To be able to carry out all this, it has been essential the help provided by the professional training center of Hernani providing 3D printers and the collaboration of Koldo Artola of the company Domotek.

Mobility to Germany to know its model of professional training


This month of March, before COVID-19 will force us to be at home, three professors from the management department of our center have participated in an Erasmus+ project in Germany, to learn about their model of Vocational Training. For a week they have been in the center “Kaufmännische Schule Lörrach” located in Lörrach, learning the performance of the DUAL Vocational Training and participating in various classes.

By comparing the DUAL Vocational Training of both countries, teachers have pointed out that the main difference is the protagonism that companies have in the process. In Germany, students must first find a company that is willing to participate in the project, and once they have the contract of the company they contact the school. During the 3 years that the training cycle lasts the student works 30 hours a week in the company, and goes to the school for another 10 hours.

Due to Coronavirus, they had to cancel several guided tours that were scheduled for collaborating companies in the DUAL program. Anyway, the teachers had the opportunity to meet with some students and alumni of the center and know their experience.

The three professors have valued this experience as very positive.

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